Predictor Run from Bateen Mosque

Grass, beach and wide footpaths make for plenty of running choice.
Running sessions are either individually organised oo with Abu Dhabi Striders group (see Links).


1815 Predictor Run from Bateen Mosque


1830 Interval Training, back of Hilton Abu DhabiShare the pain and the gain. With years of experience between us this is the place to upload training programmes and other information for the greater good.
How to do it. Easy…

Create a file, either a Word or Excel spreadsheet is best
Email it to
Include a Title and Description, like “6 Week Ironman Programme” or “3500m Swim Session” so they can be listed below.
The files will be uploaded to a shared document service (Google Docs) and you’ll be sent a link. If you need to amend it you can make changes at the shared site and they will be reflected in the link.