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Both groups go to Shahama

Both groups go to Shahama ADNOC (45km). The 100km ride heads back over Saadiyat while the long ride goes out the back of Al Falah. Anyone not up to the 100km ride can turn back at Yas if they like, which would be about 60km.

Most weeks we have a support car which can help if necessary. The car will usually go with the slowest to Shahama and then follow the long group, so if you are on a shorter ride and have trouble that stops you getting back then just find some shade and wait.The Raha Boys

The Al Raha group has two rides each weekend – one on Friday starting at 0530, one on Saturday starting at 0730. Both start at the roundabout at the Al Raha International School on Khalifa City A.

The Friday ride goes around Yas Island and then out to the ADNOC at Shahama – about 40/45 km. The average speed will be up to 32 kph. After the ADNOC break, the group will do a big loop to the south of the motorway, returning to the Mugg and Bean at Etihad Plaza via Al Reef and Yas Island – making the total ride around 110 km. The average pace for the return will be up to around 35 kph and some of the sections will be covered at around 45 kph – i.e. quite fast. If there are riders who cannot maintain that pace (no shame in that!) or do that distance then a second group will be formed at the ADNOC and that group will return at around 30/32 kph and return via the airport giving a total distance of 95 km.

The Saturday ride is done mainly on Yas Island with an average pace of 30/31 kph and a shorter distance of around 50 km.

Rides traditionally end at the Mugg and Bean at Etihad Plaza.

For further details please contact Kev Duell on 056 1087563.