Month: February 2009

We train all-year-round, even in winter.

We’re a friendly and active club catering for all nationalities and levels, from beginners to international. It’s not formal – just turn up and take part. Our members organise regular

Predictor Run from Bateen Mosque

Grass, beach and wide footpaths make for plenty of running choice. Running sessions are either individually organised oo with Abu Dhabi Striders group (see Links). Wednesdays 1815 Predictor Run from

The General Training page

Whether you’re a swimmer, a cyclist, a runner or you do all three, this is where to find details about regular training sessions, where to go and who to ask.

Abu Dhabi International

Abu Dhabi International Tri – this is now sold out. Nothing official but the organisers are trying to release some more places. email them at to get on the

The best way to find out

But also the nature of the club and the place is that sessions change at different times through the year so it is best to check, and if in doubt