Month: January 2009

Whether you’re a swimmer

Whether you’re a swimmer, a cyclist, a runner or you do all three, this is where to find details about regular training sessions, where to go and who to ask.

See the Swim Bike

See the Swim Bike Run section for information on the individual sports including training details and sessions. The Forum is a great place for updates, questions and general chat. For


The home for Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners, Triathletes, Ironmen … and other athletes in the UAE capital. We’re a friendly and active club catering for all nationalities and levels, from beginners

A place for useful things.

See Maps for places we go, Suppliers for places we shop and Services we use and Other Groups for, well other groups. Anything that doesn’t fit goes here. For issues,


So you’ve entered the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon. Now what ? After a fantastic first year in 2010 the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon 2013 is promising to be even better.